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swimming pool chlorine baths in las vegas

If you are experiencing stubborn algae that is difficult to remove, Neptune Pools can help.  Chlorine baths are a non-abrasive solution to your algae issues.

Pools often grow algae as a result of incorrect chemical levels or equipment issues.   When your algae is not responding to algae removal chemicals, we recommend a drain and manually treating the algae with directly applied chlorine. This process is referred to as a chlorine bath.

A chlorine bath uses a process similar to an acid wash. Your swimming pool is first drained to allow the direct application of chlorine. We then apply a chlorine mixture and scrub to remove the algae.  This process is finished by rinsing the pool, tile, and steps with clean water and removing the waste water.

When the chlorine bath is complete, you are left with an algae-free swimming pool. Once filled, Neptune Pools includes all initial startup chemicals to get your pool balanced and swim-ready.

chlorine baths

Problem algae? We can get your pool walls clean and algae free.