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Commercial Swimming Pool service in Las Vegas

Are you tired of allocating increasing resources to keep your commercial pool in compliance with health department standards? Neptune Pools prides itself on being able to save time and money for our commercial property managers.

Our commercial pool service is created on a custom basis to suit the individual needs of your property. Free estimates include a meeting with the property manager to determine exactly what services are necessary and the frequency at which they should be performed.

We are insured and licensed by Southern Nevada Health District to ensure your pool is maintained in compliance with health department regulations. Some of the services offered by our professional staff include the following:

  • Test and Balance Water
  • Maintain Records in Compliance with Health Department Standards
  • Net Debris From Pool
  • Brush Pool Walls
  • Empty Pump Baskets
  • Empty Skimmer Baskets
  • Inspect Water Level
  • Visual Inspection of Pool Equipment
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Clean Filter Cartridges
  • Backwash Filters
  • Meet with Health Department Inspectors for Annual Pool Inspection

Time, certifications, and chemical costs add up quickly. We pride ourselves on saving commercial properties resources over having a member of the maintenance staff service the pool. Contact us now for your free customized estimate and let us start saving you time and money.

commercial pool service

Save time and money with our commercial service at your hotel, apartment complex, or community pool.