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Las Vegas Swimming Pool Maintenance Tutorial- How to Beat Spring Winds

It is springtime in Las Vegas and once again that means temperature fluctuations and high winds. These winds can wreak havoc on swimming pools throughout the Las Vegas Valley. This is an issue we encounter annually and just when you think it cannot get any worse summer sets in and the winds become minimal. These are some of our tips and tricks for springtime pool maintenance in the Las Vegas Valley.

Empty Baskets Frequently

Pump, skimmer, and cleaner in-line baskets need to be cleaned frequently during times of high winds. Even if you have a pool service these baskets can become impacted with debris between visits. When these baskets get clogged it will restrict the flow of water in the system which will not allow the pool to clean properly and has the potential to do damage to the equipment. Clean baskets frequently and allow your pool to move water the way it was designed.

Keep Landscaping Groomed and Maintained

Newer pools typically have pool friendly landscaping. These designs typically have little or no tree debris blowing into the pool. Pools with larger trees can often get bogged down with leaves blowing in off the trees or off the ground once they have been shed. In these situations it is good practice to keep trees healthy and trimmed and surrounding landscaping blown out removing leaves. Keeping the surrounding landscaping maintained will reduce debris and keep your pool looking nice during times of high wind.

Visual Checks of Equipment

Check your equipment periodically to make sure everything is running the way it was designed. Make sure the pump is priming properly and cleaning systems are working as designed. It is also a good idea to check the pump baskets for cracks. Holes in the pump basket often lead to clogged impellers which do not allow for the proper flow of water. This is one of the biggest issues we face during times of high wind and will quickly lead to a green pool. Check your equipment frequently to keep your pool clean and avoid issues down the road.

Check Status of Pool Cleaners

Check periodically to make sure your pool cleaner is functioning properly. Often in times of high wind cleaners will become clogged with leaves and debris causing them to stop operating correctly. These issues can generally be resolved by simply pulling out the debris and starting it back up. If the cleaner can not move it is often restricting water flow to the pump and the pool will become dirty very quickly. Keep your cleaner operating correctly to counter the Las Vegas spring winds.

Increase Chemical Levels with Increasing Temperatures

As water temperatures increase so will chlorine demand. Test chemical levels frequently to ensure you have the proper amount of chlorine and that other factors such as pH and alkalinity are balanced. These levels fluctuate vastly during the spring months. Keep the chemicals balanced to avoid algae growth or harmful water conditions.

Maintain Proper Water Levels

If you do not have an autofill or if yours is currently broken make sure water levels are remaining in their proper location. Spring winds and heat will cause Las Vegas pools to lose water more quickly than in the winter due to evaporation. If the water gets too low it can cause the pump to lose its prime which can damage the equipment and cause the pool to turn green. Keep your water level up to avoid these issues.

It is important to keep in mind these spring winds will pass making your pool much easier to care for in the summer. In the meantime these minimal pool maintenance tips will help you keep your pool looking great throughout the spring. If you have any questions or need assistance with your Las Vegas pool service contact Neptune Pools at 702-641-7665.


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